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How to Make Google Search Available on Ubuntu Terminal

On this brief I will shown you how to make google search available in your ubuntu terminal. The reason why enable google search on ubuntu terminal, in Ubuntu Desktop environment most of the installation...


Nvidia Linux Graphics Driver 304.51 has been Released

Nvidia Linux Graphics Driver 304.51 has been released yesterday. On this version comes with many bug fixes rather than new features or significant improvements. it stable version and available for download and offers support for...


Increase the Speed Ubuntu 12.04 LTS with Preload

Preload is lightweight appliaction that considered to be read-ahead daemon apps and runs in the background of your Ubuntu system. it analyzes the applications which user runs and could make your Ubuntu system a...

Watch Video : How Linux is Built 2

Watch Video : How Linux is Built

The Linux Foundation present a video with title “How Linux is Built” and explains how linux is developed, this video presented with beautiful dynamic typography. In this slick 3-minute video, The Linux Foundation explain process by which the...

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