Ubuntu 16.04 LTS Default Wallpaper Revealed

The New Ubuntu 16.04 LTS default wallpaper has been revealed, and it look better than previous release and it available in purple and greyscale.

As usual, the new release of Ubuntu will get a new default wallpaper design. The new default wallpaper for up-comming release ubuntu 16.04 designed by Grazina Borosko, member Canonical Design Team.

As you can see on below, Ubuntu 16.04 wallpaper design starts with a deep Canonical purple finishes in bright community orange at the upper-right of the image. The new wallpaper is also available in portrait orientation for use on Ubuntu phone and tablet, and it can be downloaded in 4K & 8K UHD resolutions.

Download Ubuntu 16.04 Wallpaper

ubuntu 16.04 wallpaper - purple

Ubuntu 16.04 Wallpaper – Purple

Ubuntu 16.04 Wallpaper 8192×4608 | Ubuntu 16.04 Wallpaper 4096×2304 | Ubuntu 16.04 Wallpaper 1080×1920

ubuntu 16.04 wallpaper - grayscale

Ubuntu 16.04 Wallpaper – grayscale

Ubuntu 16.04 Wallpaper 8192×4608 | Ubuntu 16.04 Wallpaper – 4096×2304 | Ubuntu 16.04 Wallpaper -1080×1920

Ubuntu 16.04 LTS is still development and available in stable release on April 21st, 2016. You can download the latest daily build for Ubuntu 16.04 LTS from here. Please keep in mind that it’s not a stable release, and it shouldn’t be used on production machines.

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