Ubuntu 16.04 and Official Flavors Beta 2 Available to Download

Xubuntu 16.04 Beta 2

xubuntu 16.04 beta 2

The Highlight of Xubuntu 16.04 Beta 2 :

  • Ships with Xfce 4.12 desktop environment
  • New Xfce Power Manager plugin is added to the panel
  • Items in the alt-tab dialog can now be clicked with the mouse
  • Change from gksudo to pkexec, pkexec policy files included for thunar and mousepad
  • New/Updated Xubuntu Light/Dark colorschemes in Mousepad, Terminal
  • Mousepad colorscheme set to Xubuntu Light by default
  • Better appearance for QT applications out of the box (default to GTK theme)
  • Xfce4 Panel Switch for backup and restoration of panels. Included are 5 preset panel layouts.
  • LibreOffice Calc and Writer are now included. These applications replace Gnumeric and Abiword respectively.
  • A new theme for LibreOffice, libreoffice-style-elementary is also included.
  • Greybird accessibility icons for window manager.
  • The Albatross, Bluebird and Orion GTK+ themes have been dropped after going unmaintained
  • GNOME Software replaces Ubuntu Software Center.
  • Add new default wallpaper
  • Xubuntu 16.04 Beta 2 release notes

Download Xubuntu 16.04 Beta 2

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