Ubuntu 15.10 Flavors : All New Features and Changes

Ubuntu 15.10 Flavors

Here’s new features and changes in Ubuntu GNOME 15.10,Ubuntu MATE 15.10, Ubuntu Kylin 15.10, Kubuntu 15.10, Lubuntu 15.10 and Xubuntu 15.10.

Ubuntu GNOME 15.10

Ubuntu GNOME 15.10 has been unveiled with the latest GNOME 3.16.x packages, but Ubuntu GNOME users can be upgraded to GNOME 3.18 by adding ppa GNOME3 and GNOME3 Staging. Integrated with GNOME Shell 3.16 as default desktop environment, ubuntu GNOME developer also added most of the GNOME 3.16 applications and the GNOME Getting Started Guide will launch in first login.

Based on Ubuntu 15.10 and using Linux kernel 4.2, Ubuntu GNOME 15.10 introduce the new Ubiquity Slide Show, it appear during installation. Shotwell Photo Manager has been replaced with GNOME Photos, GNOME Music installed by default, support has been added to use syncevolution with GNOME Online Accounts (GOA), and the Bluetooth stack (BlueZ 5) has been updated.

In addition, the Adwaita Dark Theme should now work for Ubuntu Software Centre, and a new experimental Wayland session is now available. Install gnome-session-wayland and then select “GNOME on wayland” from login screen

Ubuntu GNOME 15.10 release notes | Download Ubuntu GNOME 15.10

Ubuntu MATE 15.10

Ubuntu MATE 15.10 arrived with beautifully crafted MATE desktop version 1.10 as main desktop environment and powered by Linux kernel 4.2. Developer also improved the ubuntu MATE welcome, which users can do post-install configuration, one-click installation and more.

The MATE Tweak tool the utility that allow users to save panel layouts, added Netbook panel layouts, ported to python 3, Improved layout and window manager switching. update-manager -d and do-release-upgrade -d are now supported to upgrade from Ubuntu MATE 15.04 to Ubuntu MATE 15.10, the MATE Optimus, a utility for switching between GPUs on NVIDIA Prime capable hardware, has been added.

Ubuntu MATE Developer also improved the Ubuntu MATE Plymouth boot animation, Blueman updated to version 2.0 and BlueZ updated to version 5.35. the default application handlers have been refined, the support for iOS devices is much better, and many more other changes and fixes have been implemented.

Ubuntu MATE 15.10 release notes | Download Ubuntu MATE 15.10

Kubuntu 15.10

Kubuntu 15.10 has arrived with the KDE plasma 5.4, includes the most of KDE Applications 15.08 and Non-KDE applications include LibreOffice 5.0 and Firefox 41. In addition, Kubuntu 15.10 ships with Linux kernel 4.2.

According to KDE Plasma 5.4 release notes, this release also improved support for high DPI monitors, a new application dashboard add-on, Audio Volume applet works directly with PulseAudio and auto-completion in Krunner. also brings more than 1,400 new icons covering not only all the KDE applications..

Kubuntu 15.10 release notes | Download Kubuntu 15.10

Xubuntu 15.10

Xubuntu 15.10 ships with Xfce 4.12 as default desktop environment, this release introduce new tool called Xfce4 Panel Switch, which users can save, restore, and switch between various different panel layouts. Also featured the Greybird accessibility icons for the Xfce window manager.

Abiword and GNUmeric replaced with Libreoffiice writer and libreoffice calc that integrate with new theme for the LibreOffice office suite, called libreoffice-style-elementary.

Powered by linux kernel 4.2, Xubuntu 15.10 also updates the core applications such as the catfish 1.3.2, MenuLibre 2.1.1, xfpanel-switch 1.0.2, and xfdesktop4 4.12.3 packages.

Xubuntu 15.10 release notes | Download Xubuntu 15.10

Ubuntu Kylin 15.10

As linux distribution designed specifically for the Chinese Linux community, Ubuntu Kylin 15.10 updated and changes the ubuntu kylin core applications such as, updated Sogou Pinyin to version, updated Ubuntu Kylin theme to version 1.4.0, the Ubuntu Kylin Default Settings tool was updated to version 1.3.10 and includes new Plymouth boot splash screen text and unity-greeter logo for Ubuntu Kylin 15.10.

Using unity 7 as default desktop and powered by Linux kernel 4.2, which offers support for the Intel Broxton SoC. Ubuntu Kylin 15.10 also includes the new Ubuntu Kylin Software Center 1.3.6, Youker Assistant 2.0.3, and Indicator China Weather 2.1.3.

Ubuntu Kylin 15.10 Release Notes | Download Ubuntu Kylin 15.10

Lubuntu 15.10

Lubuntu 15.10

Using LXDE (Lightweight X11 Desktop Environment) as default desktop environment, Lubuntu 15.10 also updates many LXDE components, replaces the buggy iBus input method framework with the more reliable Fcitx, which also triggered changes to the Chinese, Korean, and Japanese fonts.

Lubuntu Developer also updating the artwork with additional icon themes, and improved desktop theme, and makes the lubuntu-extra-sessions package optional. Based on Ubuntu 15.10, Lubuntu 15.10 is powered by Linux kernel 4.2.

Lubuntu 15.10 Release Notes | Download Lubuntu 15.10

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