Elementary OS Freya Released – A Complete List of Changes and New Features

Elementary OS Freya

The stable version of Elementary OS freya has been released and announced by Elementary OS development team. Now, it available to download and install on your computer.

Based on Ubuntu 14.04 LTS and uses pantheon as the main desktop environment, Elementary OS freya delivers great new features, dozen of improvements, bugfixes, better documentation, updated applications from upstream, and many other goodies that will make your desktop a delight to use every day. Here’s everything you’ll find in the stable version of Elementary OS Freya.


New Notification System

Elementary OS Freya - Notifications

The most interesting features added with elementary OS Freya is a new notification system. The notifications are interactive and it can be dismissed from notification setting in elementary system setting by activated the “Do not disturb” mode for completely turning off the notifications, from there you can also enable or disable the notification bubbles and sounds.


Wing Panel

Elementary OS Freya - Wing Panel

Wing Panel is mostly transparent and you can see the background wallpaper beneath it. When your applications in maximaze mode, date, time and other panel indicators are always visible, the top panel goes opaque and changes its color to black so that the panel indicators are easily visible.


Slingshot Menu

Elementary OS Freya - Slingshot Menu

Slingshot menu added support for quicklist allowing the user to quickly access some functionality of the related application, drag-and-drop from search, and it also improves the research that also includes the ability to perform mathematical calculations directly from the search bar, without invoking the calculator.


Elementary OS Default Applications

Default application that included in elementary os freya such as : Pantheon-Files 0.2.0 as file manager, Midori 0.5.9 as web browser, Pantheon-Terminal 0.3.0, Music 0.3.1 sd music manager, Audience 0.1 as video player, Software Center 13.10, Calender 0.3, Photos 0.1, File-Roller 3.12.1, Geary 0.8.3, Document Viewer 3.14.1, Simple Scan 3.14.0, Pantheon-Calculator 0.1


New Wallpaper

Elementary OS Freya - Wallpapers

Elementary OS freya ships with 19 gorgeous hi-resolution wallpapers which you can use to give a fresh look to your computer’s desktop


Multitasking View

Elementary OS Freya - Multitasking View

Multitasking View added in the plank that gives you a quick view of all the running applications. It can accessible via the key combination SUPER + W.


Workspace Switcher

Elementary OS Freya - Workspace Switcher

Workspace get better interface. You can create new workspaces and change between the workspaces, also can drag and drop the running applications to other workspace. It can accessible via the key combination SUPER + S.


Start Up Applications Setting

Elementary OS Freya - Start up Applications

System Settings also brings you the option of easily managing the start up applications. You can see the applications that run at start up, remove them and also add new applications to run at each boot.


Privacy and Firewall Settings

[column size=”one-half”]

Elementary OS Freya - Privacy

elementary OS Freya has included a quick on/off option for privacy. You can turn on the privacy mode for all by default or you can select which application and directly should be excluded. There is also option for adding additional applications and folders.[/column]

[column size=”one-half” last=”true”]

Elementary OS Freya - Firewall

Elementary OS Freya also added firewall. You can turn it on in just one click; clearly you can define exceptions and advanced rules in order to allow or deny permission to the application of certain protocols and ports.[/column]


Online Account Setting

Elementary OS Freya - Online Account

Online account has been updated with new user interface. with this features you can add your online accounts such as Google, Facebook, Yahoo, Microsoft etc.


Login and Lock Screen

Elementary OS Freya - Lock and login screen

Elementary OS freya login and lock screen is pretty much what you’d expect: it’s got a picture that used as background on your desktop along with a few little information, like date and time in the right side which looks quite elegant.


Other features

Along with these cool features, Elementary OS freya also comes with other features we’ve come to know. An updated software stack including Linux 3.16, Gtk 3.14, and Vala 0.26, UEFI support, A new captive portal assistant to make connecting to public WiFi easier, Better emoji support & drop-in replacements for Microsoft Core fonts for the web.

Elementary OS Freya’s apps have new features and fixes including (but not limited to):

  • Search in Files and Terminal
  • Natural Copy & Paste, Smart tab labels, and a warning when pasting commands containing “sudo” in Terminal.
  • A redesigned Photos
  • New Calculator, Camera, and Videos apps
  • Online calendar support (Google and CalDAV)
  • Improved Samba support

Download Elementary OS Freya

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