How to Install Enlightenment E20 Desktop Environment in Ubuntu 14.04/14.10

Install Enlightenment E20 Desktop Environment in Ubuntu 14.04 14.10

Enlightenment E20 desktop environment its now available and ready to install on ubuntu 14.04 LTS, ubuntu 14.10 and ubuntu 12.04 LTS. The latest version of Enlighthenment E20, which comes with support for both GTK+3 and Qt5. For now it is still under development, but it can be already installed via a third party PPA.

The key features of Enlightenment E20 Desktop Environment are ability to display icons on the desktop and theVirtual Desktop Grid. Also allowing to change the themes and icon through the menu or from the Terminal.

According to Enlightenment Official Site, Enlightenment is not just a window manager for Linux/X11 and others, but also a whole suite of libraries to help you create beautiful user interfaces with much less work than doing it the old fashioned way and fighting with traditional toolkits, not to mention a traditional window manager. It covers uses from small mobile devices like phones all the way to powerful multi-core desktops (which are the primary development environment).

These provide both a semi-traditional toolkit set in Elementary as well as the object canvas (Evas) and powerful abstracted objects (Edje) that you can combine, mix and match, even layer on top of each other with alpha channels and events in-tact. It has 3D transformations for all objects and more.

Install Enlightenment E20 Desktop Ubuntu 14.04/14.10 and Derivatives

To install Enlightenment E20 desktop environement you need add the PPA (ppa:enlightenment-git/ppa) on your ubuntu system, this ppa only support for ubuntu 14.04, ubuntu 14.10, ubuntu 12.10 and derivatives. open terminal and enter the following command:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:enlightenment-git/ppa
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install e20 terminology

Once installed, logout from current session (but I recommend reboot your ubuntu system). On ubuntu login screen click the gear icon select Enlightenment then put your login credentials to enter and confirm the new desktop environment.

If you want to uninstall and remove the Enlightenment Desktop Environment from Ubuntu systems, run the following command:

sudo apt-get install ppa-purge
sudo ppa-purge ppa:enlightenment-git/ppa

The following video how to install enlightenment E20 desktop environment in Ubuntu 14.04, include how to remove/uninstall from ubuntu or derivatives. this video created by Linux Scoop. original video can found here

A few screenshot of Enlightenment E20 Desktop in Ubuntu 14.04/14.10

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