Ubuntu 14.10 Utopic Unicorn Released, Download it Now

ubuntu 14.10 utopic unicorn

Ubuntu 14.10 utopic unicorn has been released by canonical, it now available for you to download and install on your PC and laptop.

In addition, canonical also announce the final release of Ubuntu Server 14.10, Ubuntu Cloud 14.10, Core products and Ubuntu 14.10 flavors such as (Ubuntu Gnome 14.10, Xubuntu 14.10, Ubuntu Mate 14.10, Kubuntu 14.10, Lubuntu 14.10, Ubuntu Studio 14.10, UbuntuKylin 14.10).

ubuntu 14.10 Kernel and Unity Version

There’s nothing special on this release. The kernel has been updated to 3.16, which means some new hardware support and unity updated to version 7.3. The controversial systemd not installed by default in ubuntu 14.10 because there are many packages which only have upstart jobs and they need to be updated to provide corresponding systemd units. For user want try systemd, it available on ubuntu 14.10 repositories.

Ubuntu 14.10 Default Apps

Default application include the Nautilus 3.10 as default file manager,Mozilla Firefox 33 as default web browser, Ubuntu Web Browser, LibreOffice 4.3.2, Mozilla Thunderbird as default email and news client, Cheese as default webcam viewer,Rhythmbox 3.0 as default music player, Shotwell 0.20 as default photo manager, Deja Dup backup utility, Empathy instant messenger, Transmission BitTorrent client, Gedit text editor, and other GNOME apps.

Watch the video overview of Ubuntu 14.10 Utopic Unicorn:

Ubuntu 14.10 Screenshot Tours

We have prepared a screenshot tour of the latest Ubuntu 14.04 utopic unicorn, check out the gallery of screenshot tours below:

Download Ubuntu 14.10

Ubuntu 14.10 utopic unicorn is shipped as hybrid Live DVD ISO images and support for multiple hardware platforms, including 64-bit, 32-bit and 64-bit Mac, and multiple languages that can be selected by the user during the initial boot. Being hybrid ISO images means that they can be deployed to either DVD disc or USB flash drives.

You can dowload Ubuntu 14.10 utopic unicorn for Desktop, Server and All Ubuntu 14.10 flavors for link below:
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Ubuntu Desktop

Ubuntu Server

Ubuntu Gnome



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Ubuntu MATE

Ubuntu Studio



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