How to Make Lubuntu 14.04 Look Like Windows XP

How to Make Lubuntu 14.04 Look Like Windows XP

This tutorial explains how to make lubuntu 14.04 LTS trusty tahr look like windows XP. Lubuntu is based on LXDE, a very light desktop environment that probably has even lower hardware requirements than Windows XP. It’s a favorite for older systems and it’s the lightest distro in the Ubuntu family.

It’s quite easy to make lubuntu 14.04 look like Windows XP and it doesn’t seem to be a high priority for users. you just need theme package called Lubuntu XP three flavors. The package contains Openbox themes suited for three color (Blue,olive, silver), the default Windows XP background, and XP style start buttons with a twist (the Tux logo). And for icon use Gnome XP.

The following step how to make Lubuntu 14.04 Look Like Windows XP.

Download theme package Lubuntu XP three flavors directly from here. To download from terminal type the following command:


Extract with unzip command:

unzip -d xptheme

Create directory (./themes) on your home directory

mkdir ~/.themes

Copy all folder contain xp theme on directory xptheme to directory (./themes)

cd xpthemes
cp -R XP* xp*  ~/.themes

Change default lubuntu theme to XP theme by navigating to menu Appreance  ->  Customize Look and Feel.

costumize look and feel

Change lubuntu default menu to Windows XP style start buttons : Doing it by right click on menu -> click “Menu” Settings. Click browse and select image file xpstart.png – > hit button Apply. It will appear like screenshot on below.

Change menu lubuntu

Download icon Gnome XP from here, from terminal use the following command:

wget -O gnomexp.tar.gz

Extract gnomexp.tar.gz, then move/copy directory gnomexp to directory ~/.icons

tar -zxvf gnomexp.tar.gz
cp -R gnomexp ~/.icons

Change lubuntu default icon to GnomeXp icon : from Costumize Look and feel, click tab icon theme and Select icon theme “GnomeXP” then hit button apply

Change icon theme

Change lubuntu default wallpaper to Windows XP default wallpaper : Doing it by right click on Desktop – Select “Desktop Appreance” on tab Appreance – Wallpaper , Browse and select image file xpbg.jpg

Change wallpaper to Window XP fefault wallpaper

Change appreance Lubuntu 14.04 similiar Windows XP very easy. For more guide how to make lubuntu 14.04 LTS trusty tahr look like windows XP watch the following video:

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