Elementary OS 0.3 Freya Beta 1 Released and Available to Download

The Elementary OS team announced the launch of the first public beta of Elementary OS Freya.

ElementaryOS Freya beta 1

Elementary OS is a Linux distro based on Ubuntu. But despite being based on the solid foundations of Ubuntu 14.04 LTS trusty tahr, bring stability in favor of newer technologies such as GTK + 3.12 and an updated version of Vala. in additonal, The first beta version of  Elementary OS freya powered with linux kernel 3.13 and various hardware drivers. Doing away with Grub, it also includes support for EFI which allows the user to boot directly from EFI.

Even with many people being anxious for this release, announcing the availability of the beta images, project leader Daniel Fore warned end users that they should not use this beta version in a production environment.

Default applications that included in Elementary OS 0.3 Freya Beta 1 for Graphics ( Pantheon photos 0.1, Simple Scan), Internet ( Midori 0.5.8 as default web browser, Geary as default mail client), Office ( calender and document viewer), sound and video ( audience, music and snap) and Files as default file manager.

Pantheon Online Account

Elementary OS Freya – Pantheon Online Account

Making its debut is the Pantheon accounts online, a more flexible remodeling of GNOME Online Accounts (not to be confused with online accounts Ubuntu). To date, the implementation of the Pantheon supports Twitter, Facebook, yahoo, google and some other popular social services. 

Slingshot Elementary OS Beta 1 Freya

Elementary OS – Slingshot

The Slingshot app launcher now based on Synapse plugins for powering app searches and, additionally, now supports basic calculations. Plans are afoot to add unit conversion, too.

Download and try the first public beta of Elementary OS Freya Beta 1

Elementary OS 0.3 Freya Beta 1 can be downloaded from Elementary OS official website or download through link below

For more details on this first public beta of Elementary OS Freya you can read here

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