Linux Mint 17 Qiana MATE : Video Review and Screenshot Tour

Linux Mint 17 Qiana is the latest version of linux mint that based on Ubuntu 14.04 LTS, it was released and announced by Linux Mint Developer a few days ago. Linux Mint 17 is a long-term support release which will be supported until 2019. In addition, The Linux Mint developers plan to use this package base until 2016.

Linux Mint usually comes with four desktop editions: Cinnamon Desktop Environment, MATE Desktop Environment, KDE and XFCE, although currently, only Cinnamon and MATE editions are available, XFCE and KDE edition should arrive shortly.

Linux Mint 17 Qiana MATE edition is another choice of linux mint with MATE desktop environment. On this release it come with MATE Desktop version 1.8, MDM 1.6 (Mint Desktop Manager) and kernel 3.13. The following is the important changes of Linux Mint 17 Qiana MATE Edition:

  • Update Manager: The Update Manager was hugely improved.
  • Driver Manager: The Driver Manager is now able to install drivers without a connection to the Internet.
  • Login Screen: MDM was refined, and it received new features and important bug fixes.
  • Multi-monitor support was improved (with HiDPI support).
  • Language Settings: A new “Language Settings” tool was introduced.
  • Software Sources: The “Software Sources” configuration tool received a few UI and usability improvements.
  • Welcome Screen: The welcome screen was redesigned and no longer uses webkit.

MATE Desktop Environment 1.8 Features:

  • MATE 1.8 features an integrated yelp user guide.
  • MATE 1.8 includes a new mpaste command which you can use to paste text to
  • The new version of MATE is lighter than before, better documented and better translated
  • Caja received an option to use IEC units instead of SI units and a new “Open parent location” option in the search view context menu.
  • Marco, the window manager, was given side-by-side tiling.
  • The logout dialog features a progress bar.
  • The image viewer can now shuffle pictures in slideshow mode.
  • The sreensaver now shows the date and time.
  • Clicking the middle mouse on the volume applet now toggles mute.
  • The sticky note applet was given the ability to “undo”.
  • A new “command” applet was introduced.
  • MintMenu received a huge amount of bug fixes.
  • MintMenu and the Mint-X theme were adapted to respect mate-panel’s transparency settings.
  • MintDesktop features a cleaner UI and no longer shows Marco settings when you are running Compiz.

Release notes for Linux Mint 17 Qiana MATE edition can read here

Announcement release of Linux Mint 17 Qiana MATE can read here.

Linux Mint 17 Qiana MATE Edition Screenshot Tour

We have prepared a screenshot tour of the latest Linux Mint 17 Qiana MATE Edition , check out the gallery of screenshot tour below:

Download Linux Mint 17 Qiana MATE Edition

Linux Mint 17 Qiana MATE Edition can be downloaded from linux mint official website or download through link below:

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