How to Play Torrent Video File Using VLC Media Player in Ubuntu and Derivatives

This tutorial shown you how to play torrent video file using vlc media player integrated with app called torrent-video-player developed by pinguyOS Developer (Antoni Norman).

Torrent-video-player is a very simple app that uses vlc media player as player, which allows you to watch streaming videos directly from a torrent video file, without downloading the file or use a torrent downloader like BitTorrent etc.

Installing Torrent Video Player

The installation is very simple and users only have to run a few commands in a terminal. Unfortunately, this program only works for Ubuntu and derivative ( Linux Mint, elementary OS, Zorin OS, etc) that can add a PPA. Open a terminal and enter the following commands below:

sudo add-apt-repository -y ppa:chris-lea/node.js
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install nodejs wget vlc
sudo npm install -g peerflix
chmod +x Torrent-Video-Player
sudo mv Torrent-Video-Player /usr/bin

Download and Stream Torrrent Video File

When installation is complete, open Firefox browser (or restart if you were already running) search and download torrent video file from torrent site such as (,, and other torrent site). after find torrent video file you want, download it by press button download. You will be prompted with the regular save dialog. Choose Open With and then the Others category. Navigate to the usr > bin and select the Torrent-Video-Player binary.

play torrent video file

Xterm window should appear with the stats for the incoming torrent file, followed by the opening of VLC Media Player like screenshot on below. Be patient; it depending on your internet download speed, peering, and other factors. Wait a few seconds until it starts playing the video through VLC Media Player. The seek function also works, but it’s not instantaneous, as you might expect.

torrent video on vlc media player

Below you can watch a video how to install torrent-video-player and stream/play torrent video file directly using VLC media player in Ubuntu 14.04 LTS trusty tahr.

You can also stream torrent video file using Torrent-Video-Player through event right click in Nautilus or Nemo. It just copy or move Torrent-Video-Player binary to directory ~/.gnome2/nemo-scripts (for nautilus), ~/.gnome2/nemo-scripts (for nemo).


chmod +x Torrent-Video-Player
mv Torrent-Video-Player ~/.gnome2/nautilus-scripts


chmod +x Torrent-Video-Player
mv Torrent-Video-Player ~/.gnome2/nautilus-scripts

To stream or play video, just download torrent video file, save it in the folder you want then right click on a torrent video file and select Scripts > Torrent-Video-Player

Source: Softpedia

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