GNOME 3.12 is Released : Come with New Look and Performance Improvements

The development team of the popular open graphical environment, GNOME, has announced the release of the final version GNOME 3.12 bringing many new changes, performance improvements and updates.

With a total of 34236 changes and approximately 1140 employees, the GNOME development team has announced the release of the final version of this popular open graphic environment, used a lot of Linux distributions.

These are the new features and enhancements that are part of GNOME 3.12:

New features and enhancements in the software application (equivalent to Ubuntu software center) as are the screenshots of applications, automatic assessment of applications, the possibility to install software packages individually as well as their own repositories improvements in reviewing and installing programs and more..

Gnome 3.12 Software

New re-design of the video player which will among other things: Explore both local and network videos, ability to add channels own videos in a simple way, Integration with Pocket service which allows you to watch the videos that are saved for later viewing, concealment of floating controls when they are not used and more..

gnome 3.12  videos

Gedit text editor brings a more compact interface, offering a larger workspace. The use of pop-up to select the format of the document and the width of the flanges replaces the use of dialogs and menus, and controls in the sidebar also give more room for the content keeping the original functionality.

We have new keyboard shortcuts to open the last closed tab using Ctrl + Shift + T to switch between upper and lower case.

Gnome 3.12 gedit

Information about the status of the wired network in the area of ​​system status and the ability of the user to create own sections within the board to group application launchers as you want added.

The dialogues are shown in the view of activities. Visual theme and icons are small changes, were redesigned to give a more consistent look and beautiful. Developers also claim there performance improvements, including faster boot and less memory consumption.


Gnome 3.12 includes 3 new applications Polari, Sound Recorder, and Records

  • Polari is a new client of IR.
  • Sound Recorder is a tool for recording computer sound.
  • Records is a new application to inspect the records of your computer software, is designed to allow users and developers to easily locate the source of problems.

If you want to know all the details, You must refer you to the official release announcement, worth remembering that the next major update of GNOME (GNOME 3.14) arrive during the month of September.

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