Ubuntu 14.04 Trusty Tahr Will Shipped With OpenJDK 7 and Tomcat 7

ubuntu 14.04 trusty tahr

After a few weeks ago the possibility of excluding both OpenJDK7 and TomCat come as default Java implementation in Ubuntu 14.04 was announced, James Page has indicated through the mailing list Ubuntu, the version of ubuntu 14.04 will shipped with OpenJDK7 and TomCat7

After a debate conducted through the Ubuntu mailing list about the possibility of removing TomCat7 and OpenJDK7 the next version 14.04 , Page stated that these two components will still come by default in Ubuntu 14.04.

In this regard he said :

“Thanks to everyone who responded to this post both on and off list; as I expected, quite a few users depend on a well supported OpenJDK in Ubuntu in preference to using binary downloads from Oracle.”

It noted that this could mean they stop coming in Ubuntu. You can check all the details at some near future, both OpenJDK as TomCat , referring back to the Ubuntu mailing list 

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