Study Reveals : 11% of Windows XP Users Will Migrate to Linux after the April 8

According to a new study prepared by Tech Proresearch in several organizations, 11% of the machines still operating with Windows XP would be migrated to Linux after April 8, the date on which Microsoft withdraw all support this veteran Platform.

The study was based on the following areas:

  • Plans once you have finished the lifecycle of Windows XP (8 April)”
  • Reasons to stay yet support Windows XP
  • Reasons to Quit Windows XP
  • Preferences regarding the Operating System”
  • Plans for Desktop PC
  • Replacement Options for Desktop PC

The result is that over 60% migrate to another operating system although 37% still use Windows XP even though they will not have more support, but noted that among the 60%, 11% migrated to Linux, is a very encouraging figure and most likely increase more interest towards this great platform by hardware manufacturers and application developers.

Study migrate windows xp

Meanwhile, the other 30% that will stay with Windows XP despite not count more with support from Microsoft will do it for the following reason:

  • 40% indicates that the system just works and does not need to change”
  • 21% will not do it for the costs of migration
  • 39% will not because much of their crucial software depend on Windows XP

reason for sticking with widows xp

Via : Softpedia and techproresearch

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