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ubuntu touch developer preview

A few days ago Canonical has been released Ubuntu Touch Developer Preview daily builds for developers and ubuntu enthusiasts. The Ubuntu Touch Developer Preview is a collection of open source projects that bring Ubuntu to multiple devices and form factors. Although it still lacks in some features but for you Ubuntu Fans and ubuntu developer worth try it

Ubuntu Touch still support for devices are produced by Google (Smartphone Galaxy Nexus 4, tablet Nexus 7 and Nexus 10). This version of Ubuntu is still in its early stage of development and has several limitations.The Ubuntu Touch Developer Preview Daily Builds Image aren’t tested so they may contain new features and bug fixes.

You can Download Ubuntu Touch Developer Preview Daily Builds Image from this page

How to Install Ubuntu Touch Developer Preview on Nexus Devices

Note: Backing up your data before installing Ubuntu Touch Developer Preview on your device because the installation process will delete all content on your device.

Take the opportunity to note the number of the build on the Android device:

Settings -> About phone -> Build number 

Installation: Ubuntu Touch developer Installer

Installing Ubuntu is via the terminal, but before that he will have to install the software used. Open terminal: use the combination CTRL + ALT + T. Add the PPA with following command:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:phablet-team/tools

Then install the packages using this command:

sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install-tools phablet android-tools-android-tools-adb fastboot

Unlock the device:

Note: Skip this step if the device is already unlocked.

Start your device in bootloader mode:

Press simultaneously the power button and the volume button plus and minus.

Open terminal on your PC and type the command:

sudo fastboot oem unlock

Accept the terms for the release. The operation ends the unit is and will always be unlocked now.

Allowing Access:

Enable USB debugging mode on Android go to:

Settings -> Developer Options -> Check the USB debugging

Note: for Android versions 4.1 and above, the Developer menu is not visible. To make it visible:

Settings -> About phone -> press 7 times on "Build Number"

Note: for devices on Android 4.2.2 must restart adb on Ubuntu

adb kill-server adb start-server

Once enabled USB debugging mode, connect your device to your ubuntu computer.

Start the installation:

We arrived at the long-awaited step, the installation!

Open a terminal, then type following command:


Validate by typing the words “yes”

Wait for the download and installation.

That’s roughly how you install the Touch Developer Preview. We’ll be back with a full tutorial that explains the return on Android and install the latest build.

But you can find all this information in English language here:

Again the port is under development and is expected to last until the end of the year. Be aware that this installation is the price of certain features more or less important depending on the devices.

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