Ubuntu Quantal Quetzal Adds Support for Remote Desktop Login Screen

ubuntu 12.10 remote desktop login

Ubuntu developers have added an interesting option to the login screen of Ubuntu 12.10 Quantal Quetzal : the ability to log into a remote desktop without having to go to Ubuntu or even add additional programs to this end.

This new feature allows, for now, only connections ICA, RDP and VMware View,but is expected to support other remote desktop deployments expand in the future.RFB protocol support would be appreciated.

In addition, and for now, those who are interested in trying out this new feature of the distribution of Canonical necessarily have to authenticate using Ubuntu Single Sign On, which some do not make too much grace but certainly can prevent users the task of having to remember numerous logins, passwords and servers. Also those who already have an account yet Ubuntu One have the option of using Ubuntu Single Sign On to a few clicks away.

Is probably not an option very useful and interesting for ordinary users, but it is definitely for businesses, professionals and advanced users.

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