Canonical Launched “Donations” through the Official Ubuntu Site

Canonical has made changes to the Official Ubuntu website and now offers a page that asks users to donate funds to contribute financially to the development of the distribution before downloading.

The new page-inspired contributions Seen On The Humble Indie Bundle allows users to indicate their preferences on issues they consider most important investment, with categories like “Ubuntu versions for phones and tablets.” In fact, the page includes the ability to send suggestions to Canonical to develop certain areas that may (or may not) be starting to implement in their distribution.

For now the donation page only accepts payments through PayPal, but as Jono Bacon, who was responsible for officially announce this change – other models are being investigated for donations. In addition, Bacon explained that all funds “will be used to invest in the Ubuntu project and to continue its development and growth,” adding further that these donations are used to cover costs of possible additional business from Canonical.

As indicated in The H Open , the Ubuntu website and offered the possibility of making donations, although this was much less visible section above and now want to try to get more money this way.

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