Insync : Easy Way to Sync Your Google Drive on Ubuntu

Insync provides a new way to Synchronizing and managing your Document (Doc, Xls, ppt, etc) on Google Drive. This Apps is available in Windows and Mac, and now insync for linux available in beta 3 (0.9.18), Insync for Linux also comes with Nautilus integration, Ubuntu AppIndicator support that displays recent changes, errors and the sync status and support for multiple accounts.

Download and Install Insync on Ubuntu/Linux Mint

Insync for linux comes pre-compiled for both DEB and RPM package. Depending on your Linux system flavor and hardware architecture download appropriate package from:

Insync for Linux Beta 3 (32bits):

Insync-Beta 0.9.18 amd-deb  Insync-Beta 0.9.18 x86-rpm

Insync for Linux Beta 3 (64bits):

Insync-Beta 0.9.18 amd-deb  Insync-Beta 0.9.18 x86-rpm

Download and install package using dpkg tool:

sudo dpkg --install insync-beta_0.9.18_i386.deb

How to Use Insync on Ubuntu/Linux Mint

Launch Insync from unity dash by typing “insync”. On the first run, it will bring you to the Google site and ask for permission to access your account. You will have to approve it before you can proceed.

starting insync on ubuntu linux mint

After allow the permission, now link your machine to your account. Just give it a name and click “Link Machine to this account”. then,  Launch Nautilus File Manager and you should see the Insync folder in your Home folder.

Insync allow you add multiple Google accounts and they will be synced to their respective folders within the Insync folder on home folder. in additional, Insync also integrated well with the Nautilus. You can right-click any file and select the appropriate actions (such as Open in Google Drive, Share, Get Public Links ) under the Insync Context option.

Insync Context Menu

 Make Insync Auto Startup After Log In

On unity dash type “Startup Application” and double click, click the “Add” button. Enter the detail as shown in the screenshot below:

Add Insync Startup Program after login

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