How to Upgrade GRUB 2.0 Boot Loader On Ubuntu 12.04

GRUB 2.0 (Grand Unified Bootloader) was release on June 28, come with some major improvement and brings a new menu structure with submenus, a new theme for gfxmenu and support for new platforms and It also brings new drivers for AHCI, EHCI, EFI serial etc. Grub is arguably the best piece of software in the world for managing several operating systems at boot time.

If you want to try GRUB2, follow tutorial how to upgrading GRUB 2.0 on Ubuntu 12.04

Step-By-Step Upgrading GRUB 2.04 on Ubuntu 12.04

Step 1. Install build dependencies GRUB 2.0, with command below:

sudo apt-get build-dep grub2

Step 2. Download GRUB 2.0 and extract it:

wget -O- | tar -xJ

Step 3. Navigate to directory grub-2.00/ then build with following commands:

cd grub-2.00
./configure --prefix=/usr
sudo make install

First command said that I need bison and flex, install them via:

sudo apt-get install bison flex

Step 4. Install new grub to where the old is. Be careful if you don’t know about it.on this case i have one hard disk /dev/sda and Ubuntu installed on /dev/sda6, here I installed the new grub to load all systems on the disk:

sudo grub-install /dev/sda

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