Increase the Speed Ubuntu 12.04 LTS with Preload

Preload is lightweight appliaction that considered to be read-ahead daemon apps and runs in the background of your Ubuntu system. it analyzes the applications which user runs and could make your Ubuntu system a lot more snappier. the basis of this analysis it predicts which applications user can run next time and launches these applications in RAM for improve the overall performance of your ubuntu system.

Preload packages are available for almost all linux distributions. And it is available by default in the ubuntu software repository in Ubuntu

Install and Configure Preload on Ubuntu 12.04

to install and use Preload on your Ubuntu 12.04, all you have to do is run the following command in terminal and Preload will do the rest

Sudo apt-get install preload

Once installed, Preload will start, and no further action is necessary, but read on for configuration options, to learn how to monitor Preload’s activities, and see what kind of improvements Preload will bring to your system.

If you want to further tweak Preload, configuration file is available at /etc/preload.conf.

Here’s Some common options available:

Option Default Controls
Cache model (system) settings
model.cycle 20 [seconds] How often Preload will query your system to update it’s model about programs and libraries to cache.
model.halflife 168 [hours] How often Preload will begin to “forget” about old data; for each halflife, the statistical relevance of the current model loses 50% of its importance.
model.minsize 2000000 [bytes] The minimum amount of system calls an application makes for it to be considered by Preload. A smaller number will mean Preload caches smaller applications, while to make Preload cache only larger applications, increase this number.

If you want to check up on what resources Preload is using, you can monitor logfile with following commands:

sudo tail -f /var/log/preload.log

To check more information about the specific files that Preload is caching for you, run the command below:

sudo less /var/lib/preload/preload.state

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