How to Access VirtualBox Shared Folder from Ubuntu 12.04 Guest Machine

Do you want to access shared folders on the host machine from the guest machine? On This tutorial is going to show you how to access virtualBox shared folder/directory from Ubuntu 12.04 as Guest Machine. on this case I’m using Ubuntu 12.04 LTS as host machine and Ubuntu 12.04 as the guest OS. OK, let start it

  • Open Virtualbox, Select Ubuntu 12.04 virtual machine, make sure your virtual machine in a state “Powered Off“. right click – Settings, navigate to shared folder on the left menu. Click ‘Add’ the select the the folder to share, on this case I’ll share folder Desktop.

Share folder ubuntu 12.04- virtual box

  • Start Ubuntu 12.04 Virtual Machine and add user account on Ubuntu 12.04 into VirtualBox account group with following command:
sudo adduser <username> vboxsf
  • Restart your Ubuntu 12.04 Virtual machine. To access the shared folder navigate to directory /media.

share folder

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