Here’s a Quick Way to Reset Windows Password with Ubuntu

On this tutorial I will shown you how to reset windows with linux/ubuntu in a second. There are two option to reset windows password with ubuntu, fisrt. If you are using computer or laptop that installed ubuntu and windows (dual boot), you can directly install reset password windows. The second, if you are not using dual boot, you need a ubuntu live cd or make ubuntu bootable on UFD. This method works for all of the NT-based version of Windows – anything from Windows 2000 and later, basically. And yes, that includes Windows 7.

The program that lets us resetting Windows passwords is called chntpw, this program running on text-based mode. Following the steps how to reset windows password with ubuntu.

Boot your ubuntu then open terminal and install chnptw

sudo apt-get install chntpw

Open nautilus then mount the partition/hardrive that contain windows installations

mount windows partition

windows directory

If partition already mounted,open terminal and go to directory /media/sda1

cd /media/sda1

To change or reset windows user password, jump to directory /Windows/System32/config then running chntpw

cd /Windows/System32/config
sudo chntpw SAM

after executing command above, you will see the file SAM that contain windows registry including a list of the windows user

list of windows user

For instance to reset windows password enter “1” and then “y” to confirm. To change password enter “2”, then your password, and “y” to confirm..

that’s it!

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