XplanetFX: Cool Real-Time and Dynamic Desktop Wallpapers for Ubuntu 12.04

xplanetFX is a Cool apps thats allow to create desktop backgrounds with high quality, real-time renderings of planet earth in ubuntu 12.04. xplanetFX comes with huge templates and many settings to choose from to create realtime earth’s patterns and handy GTK user interface which makes things a whole lot simpler.

xplanetFX is realistic maps wallpapers and a sophisticated graphics handling produce nearly photo realistic images of our mothership. It’s GTK GUI makes it really easy to use and provides a lot of settings and a user friendly access to xplanetFX. And even the templating capabilities give xplanetFX an individual and stylish touch.

xplanetFX ubuntu 12.04Main features of XplanetFX:

  • Fluffy clouds with bumps and shadows floating above the earth
  • High quality earth map with bump, color corrections and subtle sea levels
  • Corona with realistic lighting
  • Atmospheric gleam towards the lit edge
  • Specular reflection of the sun on water, ice and clouds
  • Templates with online pool to download from
  • Post processing with contras and color correction and a subtle “washed out” effect
  • Seamless wallpaper change in GNOME, FLUXBOX, KDE < 4.3, XFCE and XFCE4, Fluxbox and feh wallpaper changer
  • Option to render to a specific file and invoke a command afterwards (change wallpaper of any other envrionment)
  • Startup delay to load desktop first
  • Creating single renderings for use in shell scripts
  • detailed logging
  • CLI Setup with customization depending on actual config (reconfigurable)
  • Small Toggle window for placing a starter in the panel
  • Daemon with nice value (less aggressive)
  • GTK user interface (english, russian, italian, french, spanish, japanese, dutch, czech, greek and german by now)
  • Different list views
  • Online theme pool
  • Extensive functionality in customization
  • Previews

Here is how to install xp lanetFX  in Ubuntu 12.04.

Install XplanetFX in Ubuntu 12.04

Currently XplanetFX available in version 2.4.13. to install xplanetfx in ubuntu precise, open terminal then type command commands below:

Download XplanetFX 2.4.13:

wget http://repository.mein-neues-blog.de:9000/latest/xplanetFX.deb

to install  xplanetFX, run command below

sudo dpkg -i xplanetFX.deb

If you get an errors after run command above. Now, you can run the commands below to fix the problem

sudo apt-get install -f

Launch xplanetFX via Unity Dash menu by typing xplanetFX

xplanetFX 2.4.13

Screenshot XplanetFx on ubuntu

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