Linux Mint 13 LTS Maya Released: Come With MATE Desktop And Cinnamon Desktop

Linux Mint 13 LTS with code name “Maya” released and announced by Clement Lefebvre (the creator and Lead developer of Linux Mint). it based on the recent release of ubuntu 12.04 LTS precise pangolin and available in Mate 1.2 Desktop environment and Cinnamon 1.4 Desktop environment

Just as Ubuntu Linux 12.04 LTS (Long Term Support) release, so too is Linux Mint 13, which is based on Ubuntu 12.04. That means the software,security updates and patches will be supported all the way until April 2017

Linux Mint 13 LTS Maya - MATE Desktop Environment

Linux Mint 13 LTS Maya with MATE Desktop Environment

Linux Mint 13 LTS Maya - Cinnamon Desktop Environment

Linux Mint 13 LTS Maya with Cinnamon Desktop Environment

Linux Mint 13 will also include the Mint Gnome Shell Extensions from the previous outing of Linux Mint. These add-ons to GNOME bring some of the GNOME 2 elements back while keeping the better search functionality of modern GNOME – a hybrid of the two that appeases both detractors and supporters of GNOME 3.

In addition, The artwork in Linux Mint 13 was also upgraded, now powered by the Mint-Z and Mint-X themes, which offer improved support for the GTK3 engine. Also featured in Linux Mint 13 is MDM, a new Display Manager that’s based on GNOME Display Manager 2.20. With graphical configuration tools, themeability, remote, automatic and timed login, event scripting, and language selection. Moreover, 15 new beautiful photographs (wallpapers) provided  by an Irish artist called “masterbutler” will please users eyes, that’s available for both MATE Desktop  and Cinnamon Desktop editions.

Linux Mint 13 maya-MDM config

Mint Desktop Manager Config

Linux Mint 13 maya - GTK 3.4

Linux Mint 13 maya with GTK 3.4

Linux Mint 13 maya - Wallpapers

Linux Mint 13 maya Wallpapers

For more information about latest Linux Mint 13 LTS (long term release), found it at the official release notes. Linux Mint 13 Maya is distributed as Live CD/DVD ISO images with separate editions of MATE and Cinnamon desktop , for both 32-bit and 64-bit architectures.

Download Linux MINT 13 LTS MAYA

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