WebCamStudio – Virtual Webcam Apps With Cool Effect

webcamstudioWebcamStudio is a Virtual webcam Apps based java that allows users to create one or more virtual webcams that can be used in live broadcasting over UStream, Skype, Stickam,  online chat websites, and more. WebcamStudio very useful for those having broken webcams or who want to have fun with their friends. it have number of effects and comes with a built-in video editor.

Aims of WebcamStudio is to provide a user level application that is easy to use, and behave like a normal desktop application. Overall, the user wants to get several video sources, mix them together and send that to a virtual webcam.

WebcamStudio for GNU-Linux 0.57 beta 4

Main features of WebcamStudio:

  • Webcam support
  • DV support
  • Text support
  • Movies and/or audio files support
  • On the fly video source manipulation without having to restart the output
  • Local recording would be nice
  • Twitther integration can be nice
  • Soutcast support ( must be supported
  • Desktop capture support
  • Custom gstreamer pipelines support
  • Animation support (thru ANM file of with animated Gifs)
  • Special effects can be applied to any source
  • Text effects support
  • Running in the background support (icon in the notification bar?)
  • Remote access to configuration would be nice like a webpage control
  • More to come…

Install WebCamStudio ini Ubuntu 12.04/11.10

Currently Webcamstudio come in version 0.57 beta 4, and available for major platform (linux, windows). download it via download button below

Download Webcamstudio

Now,Install webcamstudio in ubuntu 12.04/11.10 with following command:

sudo dpkg -i webcamstudio_0.57beta4_all.deb

and then start it via unity dash by typing webcamstudio,

You can Found webcamstudio project @webcamstudio_page

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