TermSaver: Pretty Cool Text-Based Screensaver, Try it in Ubuntu 12.04

TermSaver: Pretty Cool Text-Based Screensaver, Try it in Ubuntu 12.04TermSaver is a pretty cool screensaver that can run from the command-line interface or terminal in Ubuntu/Linux. TermSaver isn’t supposed replace other screensavers that come with your desktop such as GnomeShell, Unity,KDE, or other Desktop Environment. And it also might not be able to carry out the actual purpose of a screesaver since it lacks a lot of pixel movements (screen animations), which otherwise helps to prevent “screen burns” on display devices

if you are using command-line as your primary interface or, if you’re a desktop user who usually uses the Terminal emulator and looking for a screensaver that’s quite fun to use, then you might wanna try “TermSaver”.

Here’s main features of TermSaver:

  • Clock (clock): If you use this attribute, then it’ll display a simple clock (using ASCII-art) on your Terminal window including date
  • Quotes for all (quotes4all) : If you use this option, then it’ll automatically fetch famous quotes (online) and display them on your screen.
  • Ascii Art Farts (asciiartfarts) : This will display funny quotes and ASCII images (personal favorite ).
  • Random text (randtext) : This will display random text and you can also define a word of your own as well
  • dot (dot): With this option, you’ll see dots flying over your Terminal window.
  • RFC (rfc) : Fetches the “RFC” content in text format and displays them on your screen (it’s like the computer is writing a book all by itself ).
  • Url Fetcher (urlftecher) : You can use this option to make “TermSaver” read any given website. But it won’t show you them in the text format and only reads in pure HTML, meaning that you won’t see the posts and their content like you see in your web browser but will also see “weird” programing codes too.
  • Rss Feed (rssfeed) : This is pretty cool though. Unlike with the above option, as long as you know the “feed” address of a web site, you can let “TermSaver” to fetch data and display it on your pretty little Terminal window!. So you’d be able to see the latest updates from web sites just as with a feed reader (only in text format).
  • Programmer (programmer) : This is a screensaver that displays source code from a specified path in visual animation.
  • Joke For All (jokes4all): This is a screensaver that displays recent jokes from http://jokes4all.net website, from its hourly updated RSS feed.

How to Instal TermSaver in Ubuntu 12.04

TermSaver is a new project and there are no pre-built packages right now (there’s an empty PPA though). the installation TermSaver is pretty simple and even if you’re a newbie, you should be able to install it within few seconds.

First download TermSaver via Download button below Or, you can get it @TermSaver Homepage

Download TermSaver

Now double click on the downloaded file and extract the content to your “Home” folder

Open your Terminal and enter the below command to go into the extracted folder within the Terminal, Then to install it

cd termsaver-0.1/
sudo python setup.py install

Some examples of how to use TermSaver

Now whenever you want to launch termsaver, use it’s main command and one of the above mentioned “sub-commands”.

Usage: termsaver [screen] [options]

to display the funny ASCII-art with quotes, use the below command.

termsaver asciiartfarts

Termsaver AsciiCartfarts

If you want the pretty clock, use the below command:

termsaver clock

TermSaver Clock
For more command about termsaver, watch video termsaver in action

Thats it, Enjoy with TermSaver..:)

Via : HecticGeek

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