Nokuntu: Simply and User-friendly Apps Nokia Phone Manager for Ubuntu

NOKUNTUNokuntu (Nokia+Ubuntu) is Simply and User-friendly Apps for managing Nokia phones in Ubuntu and debian based distributions. Nokuntu is unofficial nokia PC Suite for Ubuntu, this tool like Nokia PC Suite on windows OS. with nokuntu you can managing media files, synchronization, sending SMS, sending files via Nautilus, share your PC Internet connection via Bluetooth on your phone, check battery status of your phone, auto detection of USB/Bluetooth connections, and many more.

Nokuntu is free and open source for both personal and commercial use, Currently nokuntu available in version 0.6.1 and support for all Debian Based distribution. thus the perfect choice for those that want an alternative for Communications apps. It comes in Basque (Euskara), English, French, Italian, and Spanish versions.

Here’s features of Nokuntu 0.6.1:

  • Works with Gnome (tested, Need nautilus)
  • Visually atractive and similar in some aspects to Windows Nokia PC Suite
  • Functions: autoconfiguration, media file manager, Syncronization with Evolution, send SMS from Nokuntu, send files to your cellphone from Nautilus, Wireless bluetooth webcam, bluetooth PC internet sharer (use the internet connection of your PC over bluetooth to navigate in your phone!), cached maps creator
  • As you can probably note this suites just integrate some features you can do in other ways. Fell free to use this ideas separatelly from nokuntu
  • Full bluetooth implementation
  • Battery and model info in the main window
  • Autodetects bluetooth or USB connection (with different fuctions each)
  • Bluetooth PC internet connection sharer
  • Tip for easy backup

Nokuntu nokia phone manager for ubuntu

How to install Nokuntu Nokia Phone Manager in Ubuntu 11.10/12.10

To install nokuntu first, install the OBEX protocol frond-end:

sudo apt-get install obextool

Download nokuntu 0.6.1 via button Download below, then install it by double clicking .DEB file

Download Nokuntu 0.6.1

Nokuntu also available in PPA, to install Nokuntu via PPA add the following PPA by typing command below in terminal:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:upubuntu-com/mobile
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install nokuntusp

Nokuntu project is currently not under development and may not support newer Nokia Devices

more info about nokuntu you can visit Nokuntu Homepage

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