EasyStroke : Easy Tool to Control Ubuntu Desktop with Mouse Gestures

Easystroke is a Mouse gesture-recognition application and mouse gesture manager for Ubuntu and Other Linux distribution. it allows user to control ubuntu application with hand drawn mouse gestures or Draw on the Screen.  Easystroke work on Tablet PCs, it can be used equally well with a mouse, pen, or even your fingers if you have a touch-sensitive screen.

Gestures or strokes are movements that you make with your mouse while holding down a specific mouse button. The default in Easystroke is the middle button of your mouse. But you can change it to any button combination of your choice by changing it in the preferences window.

EasyStroke Preferences

How to Install Easystroke in Ubuntu

Currently Easystroke available in version, Easystroke is available in Ubuntu Software Center, but it still version 0.5.4. you can install it with command below:

sudo apt-get install easystroke

If you want installing easystroke via PPA, you can adding a PPA repository, type this command:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:easystroke/ppa
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install easystroke

After installing Easystroke and adding it to your startup programs, it sits in your system tray to register movements and add new ones.By default, it only records mouse gestures made when the middle mouse button is held down, and it’s surprisingly intuitive at knowing what you wanted. Let’s take a look at how to set up Easystroke to help you get at frequently-accessed site, desktop manipulations, and favorite programs with a flick of the wrist

For Unity Users : EasyStroke have not used indicator applet yet, so when you run it from menu, you have nothing on Indicator Applet. To solve this problem, simply run these command in terminal:

easystroke -g

It will run EasyStroke and open configuration windows automatically.

Easystroke also supports what are called advanced gestures. Advanced gestures are performed by pressing key combinations instead of just the default key. As an example, you can use advanced gestures to emulate a right-click on a Tablet PC pen. Check out the examples listed in the tips and tricks section to see what you can do using Easystroke. For more help EasyStroke configuration, please refer to EasyStroke documentation.

Watch video EasyStroke in action :

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