Tips: Easy Way to Encrypt USB Flash Drive on Ubuntu

USB Flash drive is a data storage devices including flash memory integrated with the Serial Bus. USB flash drives are typically removable and rewritable, and physically much smaller than other storage media.

The purpose of encryption removable device like (USB Flash drive, external hard drive and other removable media) is to provide a method for ensuring data security in the event of loss, theft or seizure. When backing up personal information to external storage, encryption is the recommended preparation for the filesystem.

If you encrypt your USB Flash Drive and you misplace it, you don’t need to worry mush as users without the proper password wouldn’t be able to access its content. That’s one way to protect your sensitive information

This brief tutorial shows you how to encrypt your USB flash drive in Ubuntu

How to Encrypt USB Flash Drive on Ubuntu / Linux Mint

Open terminal and run the commands below to install cryptsetup:

sudo apt-get install cryptsetup

Next Step, insert your USB Flash drive into your computer. Please make sure that you backup all the content on it as you’re going to format it. Formatting your drives deletes all file on it so back-it-up first. When you’re ready, go to ‘Dash’ and find ‘Disk Utility’ or Press Key ALT+F2 and type “palimpsest”.

Then select it and click ‘Unmount Volume’ . Do this before you format USB Flash drive.

Step 1 - Easy Way to Encrypt USB Flash Drives on Ubuntu

click Format Volume to format the USB Flash Drive.

Step 2 - Easy Way to Encrypt USB Flash Drives on Ubuntu

Check list ‘Encrypt underlying device’ option and click button ‘Format’

Step 3 - Easy Way to Encrypt USB Flash Drives on Ubuntu

Finally, enter a new password to encrypt to Encrypt USB Flash Drive.

Step 4 - Easy Way to Encrypt USB Flash Drives on Ubuntu

That’s All and now your device is encrypted and ready to use.

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