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Darktable is an free open source software  development by Johannes Hanika and Henrik Andersso.this software designed for users interested in maneuvering photographies including RAW, meaning unprocessed camera captures with zero modifications in a database with numerous options to edit and enhance.

Draktable come tries to fill the gap between the many excellent existing free raw converters and image management tools such as (ufraw or f-spot). The user interface is built around efficient caching of image metadata and mipmaps, all stored in a database. The user will always be able to interact, even if the full resolution image is not yet loaded.


All editing using darktable is fully non-destructive and only operates on cached image buffers for display. The full image is only converted during export. Darktable interface is written with GTK+/Cairo, the database uses sqlite3, raw image loading is done using libraw, high-dynamic range and standard image formats such as jpeg are also supported. The core operates completely on floating point values, So darktable can not only be used for photography but also for scientifically acquired images or output of renderers (High Dynamic Range).

Darktable 1.0 final has been released adding numerous features

Here’s features of Darktable 1.0 Final

  • Support for new Digital Cameras such as (Leica M9, NX100/NX5/NX10/NX11, Panasonic DMC-GX1, Pentax K-r, Canon Powershot S100, Olympus XZ-1, Olympus E-P3, Sony DSLR A330, Sony NEX-5N, Canon EOS 1000D, Canon EOS 600D, Sony Alpha 390)
  • New modules (shadows and highlights, improved tone curve, support for reordering hierarchical keywords)
  • Optimized used resources (Faster cache with reduced memory)
  • Enhanced color picker
  • Faster folder import
  • Improved modules (Import, Snapshot, Metadata)
  • Unity launcher support
  • Updated translations (including Chinese)

Install Darktable on Ubuntu and Linux Mint

DarkTable is available in Ubuntu Software Center, but it’s old. It got few PPAs on launchpad.net for Ubuntu (Lucid, Natty, Oneiric and Precise). Add it PPA Darktable using following command below:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:pmjdebruijn/darktable-release
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install darktable

More info about Darktable Develoment you can found @darktable, and How to use darktable you can found @darktable_Manual

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