Anonymous OS : New Linux Distribution Based on Ubuntu 11.10 Oneiric Ocelot


Five day ago on 13th March, someone created a Tumblr webpage for a new operating system called “Anonymous-OS Live.”. However Soon after the operating system became available, the @AnonOps a Twitter account that is believed to speak for Anonymous posted a message saying it was fake and “wrapped in trojans” but despite the warnings, more than 26,000 people still downloaded it.

In our world, in Linux and opensource world, there are no viruses.

And If any user believe that Anonymous-OS “is wrapped in trojans” or “backdoored OS by any Law enforcement Company or Hacker” please don’t download it!

But don’t mislead the world that Linux is dangerous and has trojans!

You could download it as a torrent and via direct download, but as of today, only the former option. SourceForge pulled it down.

The 1.36 GB download is based on Ubuntu 11.10 oneiric ocelot – one of the most popular versions of the Linux operating system. With Mate Desktop Environment and is pre-loaded with lots of website sniffing and security tools. The software’s creators say they put it together for “education purposes to checking the security of web pages”.  They also warn not to use any of the tools “to destroy any web page” because doing say may make mean you “end up in jail because is a crime in most countries!”

Here’s ScreenShot of Anonymous Operating System

Anonymous-OS-Live-CD-GRUB Boot




Downloading Anonymous OS

The Official Direct Download link from Sourceforge is however taken down earlier this morning but the Anonymous OS is available for download from torrents

Download Anonymous OS

Adventurous users can download and make a bootable CD/USB image of the Live iso using unetbootin tool. However it is not recommended to download and use it, keeping the warnings from top security companies in mind


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