Canonical Announcing New Business Plan Called “Ubuntu Business Desktop Remix”

Canonical Announcing New Business Plan Called “Ubuntu Business Desktop Remix“. Ubuntu Business Desktop Remix is a new distribution from canonical based on Ubuntu 11.10 Oneiric Ocelot and is dedicated to government institutions and companies. It is a combination of  free software applications, certified commercial apps, and Canonical’s management solution .Ubuntu Business Desktop Remix aims is to give  companies and institutions a free solution to save time and money while keeping productive.

Canonical Announcing New Business Plan Called Ubuntu Business Desktop RemixUbuntu Business Desktop Remix eliminate some Ubuntu’s standard games, social networking tools, multimedia applications, development and sysadmin tools, and other software that organizations don’t commonly support. Instead, it adds a handful of enterprise-relevant packages, such as VMware View.

Ubuntu Business Desktop Remix includes licensed proprietary software from the partner repository in the default installation, it can’t be mirrored or freely redistributed like the conventional build. However, the business remix contains no secret sauce. All of the software that it includes can be installed from the Ubuntu Software Center by regular users in a standard build of the operating system.

As Canonical founder Mark Shuttleworth explained about Ubuntu Business Desktop Remix:

This remix takes the most common changes we’ve observed among institutional users and bundles them into one CD which can be installed directly or used as a basis for further customization. Before anyone gets all worked up and conspiratorial: everything in the remix is available from the standard Software Centre. Packages out, packages in. No secret sauce for customers only; we’re not creating a RHEL, we already have an enterprise-quality release cadence called LTS and we like it just the way it is. This is a convenience for anyone who wants it. Having a common starting point, or booting straight into a business-oriented image makes it easier for institutional users to evaluate Ubuntu Desktop for their specific needs

In this first release Ubuntu Business Desktop Remix includes Apps such Adobe Flash Plugin, VMware View, and the OpenJDK 6 Java run-time environment

If you have a small business and you want to try Ubuntu Business Desktop Remix, you can download Ubuntu Business Desktop Remix 32-bit x86 installation images are available for free download, but you’ll need to register and agree to a license.

 Register and Download Ubuntu Business Desktop Remix

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