Ubuntu One Files App Has Been Update for Android OS

Ubuntu One Files App has been update for Android OSUbuntu One Files App has been update for Android come with new features.

You can now sign up for an Ubuntu One account within the application itself. Prior to this one had to use the Ubuntu One website.

Prior to the sign-up a short introduction of Ubuntu One’s features is shown. This intro is heavy on the (splendid) graphics and concise on the text, so it’s prompt, to the point and not an annoyance like some ‘introductions’ are. Sadly it looks a little bit rubbish on a tablet

Elsewhere issues with the Ubuntu One Files app’ handy automatic photo uploading feature have been fixed, as ‘notification overload’.

For Honeycomb users will appreciate the native notification styling introduced in this update

ubuntu one files on android honeycomb

Download Ubuntu One Files for android in the Android Market

via OmgUbuntu.co.uk

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