MultiBootUSB: Tool to Create Boot Multiple Live Linux Distros From USB Flash Drive

MultibootUSB: Tool to Create Boot Multiple Live Linux Distros From USB Flash DriveMultiBootUSB is a application that allows users to make multiple live Linux distros like (Ubuntu, PuppyLinux,Slax,Fedora, LinuxMint, and other Linux distro) from USB flash drive. Then you can test your USB flash drive using QEMU or Virtualbox.

MultiBootUSB is comes with simple Graphic user Interface , that allows to add/delete installed distro at any time.

How to Install and Using MultiBoot in Ubuntu

To install and use MultiBootUSB on Ubuntu 11.10 or Ubuntu 11.04.See the guide, open the terminal and run the following commands:
Download MultiBootUSB using Wget:

wget -O MultiBootUSB_4.7.tar.gz

Extract MultiBootUSB_4.7.tar.gz to home directory or you can extract other place

tar -zxvf MultiBootUSB_4.7.tar.gz

Using MultiBootUSB

To start and run MultiBootUSB, go to Directory MultiBootUSB, make file executable then run

cd MultiBootUSB
chmod +x

MultibootUSB - Required password

MultibootUSB - Select USB Drive

MultibootUSB - Add more distro

MultibootUSB - Select Distribution

MultibootUSB - Select Distro to Install

MultibootUSB - copying distro into USB flash drive

Caution: Do not disconnect/Reject your USB flash drive, wait few minute while your Linux distro is being copied into USB Flash Drive. When the installation is complete, you will get a message.

See Also How to Boot Windows Installer via USB Flash drive

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