Microsoft will be Prevent Linux on the Windows 8 Computer

Microsoft will be Prevent Linux on the Windows 8 Computer

Microsoft is doing a lot of big changes in Windows 8. One of which the ability to ‘block’ to use two operating systems on one computer, such as Linux.

Well, these capabilities are embedded in the Unified Extensible Firmware Interface (UEFI), that is a platform that connects the hardware with the operating system.

to be able to run Windows 8, Microsoft is giving reference to the chip manufacturer about the UEFI specification to be used. One of which with not allowing users to use other operating systems in one computer is not in accordance with these standards.
Microsoft Windows 8 - microsoft prevent linuxThis will certainly complicate, but not impossible, to use Linux on a computer that is already installed Windows 8. Especially on some chips, UEFI will be locked so it can not be modified by the user.

about new UEFI standard is still being developed by Microsoft, and according to Computer World obtained leaked, there are some systems that can disable the feature.

Microsoft said “On non-ARM will have the option to disable the secure boot via firmware update, whereas the ARM chip it should not be done,”

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