Linux Chakra Edn 2011.12 Has been Released

The Chakra Development Team is proud to announce the third and final release of Edn, Chakra GNU/Linux featuring Linux 3.1 and KDE 4.7

Edn has followed the KDE 4.7 releases, and with KDE 4.8 a new name will be used. With this release KDE is updated to 4.7.4, kernel to Linux 3.1.4. The sound group has been rebuild/updated, latest networkmanagement and mesa-stack are also included. Chakra is now offering a DVD and CD version.

The CD version is to get to a minimal working KDE desktop, with only a text-editor, file-manager, web-browser and a simple media player installed, no further apps, no language packs. The DVD version includes all the language packs, most of standard KDE apps, LibreOffice 3.4.4, tomahawk, xbmc, calibre, printer support, minitube, k3b to name a few.

Download chakra Linux

What New Linux Chakra Edn 2011.12?

  • KDE 4.7.4
  • Linux 3.1.4 ( optional)
  • Updated sound-stack
  • DVD image, including all locales and a nice selections of apps
  • Minimal CD image you can build your desktop on
  • Tomoyo-tools 2.5 added to a default install, for more security options
  • wqy-microhei became the new default font for Chinese/Japanese/Korean
  • QtWebkit 2.2
  • Updated initscripts with the option to test systemd
  • Updated mesa-stack

For all our GTK fans we added some more popular GTK-apps as bundles. You can download them from our bundle page and run them with a simple double-click right away.

A good start is to read our Wiki or visit our Forums. To create reliable installation media, please follow theinstructions in the wiki. Chakra’s ISO’s do not support unetbootin, and CD/DVD’s need a burn speed no higher then 4x.

Download Linux Chakra Edn 2011.12 Here

Via @ Chakra-Linux

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