Install and Configure Linux Server Using a Bash Script “server-easy-install”

easy-server-install or called “Fast and Easy Web Server Installation” is a bash script created and developed by Coto (Rodrigo Augosto). Using a bash script easy-server-install that allows users Ubuntu, CentOS, Red Hat, Debian, and Mandrake to install and configure a web server with an easy and fast in a matter of minutes

in addition, “Fast and Easy Web Server Installation” also can help you to install and configure a Linux server with:

  • TRAC
  • SVN
  • Iptables (Most secure)
  • SSH (Change port by default and securitize)
  • Apache
  • Django (Web Framework of awesome Python)
  • MySQL
  • Cron Backup of databases, websites, etc
  • Mail Server
  • Virtualhost

How to install Bash Script easy-server-install

to install bash script easy-server-install, type or you can copy the following command in terminal:

  • Download bash script easy-server-install
cd /tmp
wget -O coto-server-easy-install-0.2-17.tar.gz
  • Extract archive Bash Script easy-server-install
tar zxvf coto-server-easy-install-0.2-17.tar.gz
  • Rename file config.sample
cd coto-server-easy-install-0ae46a9/
mv config.sample config
  • To start the installation Bash Script easy-server-install, run this command:

Screenshot: list of options “Fast and Easy Web Server Installation”

install web server fast and easily on ubuntu using bash script server-easy-install

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