Two Methods Disable Swap Partition Ubuntu 11.10

Swap partition is used as a backup memory, if memory or RAM built computer is not sufficient to run the process. usually swap partition size is 2 x RAM. If a computer has a memory 128 MB swap partition was made into 256 MB. Ubuntu 11.10 by default using the Swap Partition as large as the existing memory if the memory more than 1GB

Intended use swap memory is to prevent the lack of memory while performing the task by taking the hard drive space. But for now, use the swap is not always necessary because the current Memory capacity is sized “Giga”.

Some ubuntu users who have more than 1GB RAM to disable the swap partition by reason improve computer performance. Do not disable swap partition if memory <= 256

Follows two methods disable the swap partition on ubuntu 11.10

Methode 1 : disable swap partition ubuntu 11.10

We can use Gparted to disable the swap partition, Install Gparted from the teminal:

sudo apt-get install gparted

Run gparted select the swap partition and then right click > click swapoff

disable swap partition using gparted ubuntu 11.10

Method 2: disable swap partition ubuntu 11.10

To enable all the swap partitions on your computer you can use the following command:

sudo swapoff -U <uuid>

to get <uuid> type the following command in terminal:

sudo blkid

block id partition

in this case the block id swap partition (3746619c-b98f-42b5-bc20-28d3eacb156c) so the above command Will look like:

sudo swapoff-U 3746619c-b98f-42b5-bc20-28d3eacb156c

How to swap paritisi automatically disabled when start up.

Edit the file /etc/init.d/rc.local and then enter the following command line under “#!/bin/sh”:

swapoff-U 3746619c-b98f-42b5-bc20-28d3eacb156c

rc.local disable swap partition

then save and restart your ubuntu, swap automatically disabled when start up.

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