Inserting Qur’an text in LibreOffice Writer

Actually, writing about the Qur’an Inserting text in LibreOffice Writer is inspired of Plugin Quran in Word in the Microsoft Office 2003.  Plugin Quran in Word is plugin Microsoft Office 2003 which has a feature automatically insert Qur’an verses in Microsoft Word 2003 without typing the Arabic alphabet one by one.

How in LibreOffice writer? is there any LibreOffice Writer extension that has the capabilities and features such as the plugin quran in Microsoft Word  2003? A few days ago I found the extension libreoffice writer who has exact same features such as the plugins quran in word. This extension called QIOO (Quran in OpenOffice). QIOO is actually developed for OpenOffice, but can be used in LibreOffice. Okay, How to install extensions QIOO in LibreOffice? take the following steps

How to install Extention QIOO di LibreOffice

Download extention Quran In OpenOffice (QIOO)


Extract, then copy font ScheherazadeRegOT.ttf  to directory /usr/share/fonts/truetype

sudo cp ScheherazadeRegOT.ttf /usr/share/fonts/truetype/ sudo dpkg-reconfigure fontconfig

Open LibreOffice Writer, from menu Tool → Extention Manager → Click Add, Browse the file QiOO-0.4b.oxt then click Open

Inserting Qur'an text in LibreOffice Writer

Inserting Qur'an text in LibreOffice Writer

Close and then reopen it LibreOffice Writer

Configure Extension QIOO (Quran In OpenOffice) in LibreOffice

Click Tools → Options → Settings → Languages ​​Expand Language → checklist Enabled for Complex Text Layout (CTL)

Configure Extension Quran in OpenOffice

How to use Extention QIOO (Quran In OpenOffice)

To start using the Extension QIOO click menu AlQuran ->  Choose Surah, then select surat,ayat, and font size.

Check list Qur’an, New Line, For Translation only support for Indonesian

Inserting Qur'an text in LibreOffice Writer-Choose Surah

LibreOffice Writer

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