How to Enable Key sequence Ctrl + Alt + Backspace to kill XServer On Ubuntu 11.10

Key combination Ctrl + Alt + Backspace usually used to restart the Xserver. Unfortunately in Ubuntu 11.10 by default key combination is in the disabled state. well, this time I will write a short tutorial How to Enable Key Sequence Ctrl + Alt + Backspace to kill xserver On Ubuntu 11.10

Here is a tutorial step by step How to Enable Key Sequence Ctrl + Alt + Backspace to killxserver On Ubuntu 11.10

Click ActivityApplicationSystem ToolSystem SettingKeyboard Layout

Enable Ctrl+Alt+Backspace ubuntu 11.10

On Keyboard Layout, click the Layout tab → Click the Option button in bottom right corner

enable Ctrl+Alt+Backspace to kill XServer On Ubuntu 11.10

Expand “Key Squence to kill the X server” and then Check List Control + alt + Backspace

how to restart x server ubuntu 11.10

Done, now Ctrl + Alt + Backspace to kill xserver  On Ubuntu 11.10  has been activated

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