Download and Install Google Earth on Ubuntu 11.10

Google Earth is a great product made by google and now it was up to version 6.1. Google earth acts as a virtual globe that allows us to explore the rest of the world, look at the geographic information of a country or region, maps, terrain, 3D buildings, road, sea and much more.

At first google earth called Earth viewer which was produced and developed by Keyhole Inc. Google earth has three different licenses that each have different features and capabilities, that is, google Earth, Google Earth plus and Google Earth Pro. package installer support for linux platforms, windows and Mac Os. more details here

Google earth for linux platform provides two package installer  *. deb (debian package) and *.rpm (Redhat Package Manager). in this tutorial will show you how time to download and install Google Earth on Ubuntu 11.10, but the steps are likely to be the same on all Linux platforms.

Download Google Earth for Ubuntu 11.10

ubuntuportal-how to dwonload and install Google earth  ubuntu 11.10

Download google earth installer packages for ubuntu 11.10 here , Select the package download 32 bit .deb customize with your machine architecture. If you are using 64 bit architectures download google earth package 64bit, if you have selected google earth package that will be downloaded click button [Aggre and Download] wait until the download is complete. large file google earth package for ubuntu approximately 25.6 MB

Well if the download is finished, the next step is to install google earth on ubuntu 11.10

How to install google earth on ubuntu 11.10

Install google earth on ubuntu 11.10 very easy, open a terminal and then go to the directory where the package of google earth in place, in this case google earth package in the directory/home/download. type the command below in terminal

sudo dpkg-i stable_current_i386 google-earth-1_i386.deb

Or you can install google earth package by double click the installer package google earth, google earth it will automatically run installation process via the ubuntu softwarecenter then click button [Install]

install google earth on Ubuntu11.10

Now google earth on your ubuntu computer

Google Earth on Ubuntu 11.10

It was step tutorial how to Download and Install Google Earth on Ubuntu 11.10
good luck.

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