Canonical and Dell selling Ubuntu PC In China

dell and canonical sell PC in china

Canonical and Dell recently partnering to sell PC that is already bundled with Ubuntu Linux in China. Dell and Canonical have announced a partnership pushing Linux in consumer PCs in China through 220 retail stores that have been operated by Dell in the country. 

Dell has yet to provide a list of PCs that have been bundled Linux Ubuntu, but it is rumored that the company is targeting Ubuntu just for subscribers only, not for corporate or Government customers in developing countries, which had just become the biggest PC market,

dell and canonical sell pc in china

This is not the first time for Dell bundling Linux Ubuntu on PCs. four years ago, Dell Ubuntu PCs have sold to the United Kingdom, France, and Germany and SUSE Linux PCs sold in China. The most confusing thing is that Dell doesn’t put Red Hat Linux in PCsnya and Computer server in China. But this step is not a doubt better to Canonical.

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