Mount Partition Automatically at Start up using PySDM

Mount partition automatically at start up using PySDM

PySDM (Python Storage Device Manager) is an application allow us to mount disk partition without edit file /etc/fstab manually. Developed using PyGTK programming language (Python GTK) and supports ext2, ext3, fat, ntfs, reiserfs, swap and xfs.

PySDM have a simple GUI and user friendly, so it allows us to do (mounting management) disk partition. PySDM also allows us to create udev rules management.

curious to try PySDM and features. let’s start with installation step on (ubuntu system), type the following command in terminal:

sudo apt-get install pysdm

how to use pysdm? press the ALT + F2 then type:

gksudo pysdm

Screenshot PySdm

Next step is step pysdm configuration that can mount the disk partition automatically, as a trial I would configure one of the windows partition with filesystem type NTFS to be able to mounted automatically when start up

  1. Expand disk partition to be mounted
  2. Select the partition to be mounted automatically
  3. Click button (mount)
  4. Click Apply

And now the windows partition is mounted automatically when start up.


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