How to Install iTunes 9 on ubuntu 11.04 Natty Narwhal

How to install iTunes 9 on ubuntu 11.04 : Is it possible to run iTunes on Ubuntu?
As you probably know, iTunes is the only software available for Mac OS and Windows platforms only, and does not work for ubuntu

install itunes 9 on ubuntu 11.04

There is a way of proven and tested 100% effective so that iTunes can be running on Ubuntu and here the only way to do it.

OK, now follow these instructions:

Step 1, install the app wine, you can directly install the app wine via terminal

sudo apt-get install wine

Step 2, Configure by typing “winecfg” on terminal Follow these instructions:

  • Choose the Windows XP option in the Applications tab.
  • Select Autodetect in the Drivers tab.
  • Check the ALSA Driver and uncheck the OSS Driver in the Audio tab.
  • Click OK. Your changes will be saved.

Step 3, Download itunes 9

Step 4, Install itunes 9 using WINE, on terminal type the command :

wine iTunesSetup.exe

Then follow the steps and the process of installing itunes to finish until the completion

Step 5, Once iTunes has been successfully installed, run the program using command:

wine ~/.wine/drive_c/Program\ Files/iTunes/iTunes.exe

Congratulations, You now have iTunes installed on Ubuntu 11.04 and ready tu use

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