Monitoring Network Traffic and Bandwidth using nload

it’s an awesome tool for the console application or a command line interface, that is nload

nload is a command line tool that is used for monitors network traffic and bandwidth usage  in real time.  It visualizes the in- and outgoing traffic using two graphs and provides additional info like the total amount  of  transfered data and min/max network usage

Monitoring network traffic and bandwidth using nload

How to install nload on Ubuntu, it is very easy and simple just type on terminal

[sourcecode language=”bash”]sudo apt-get install nload[/sourcecode]

How to use nload. easy to launch type in terminal nload [network interface used for internet connection] and shows enough information incoming/outgoing -current, average, min/max, total
type on terminal :


[sourcecode language=”bash”]nload eth0[/sourcecode]


[sourcecode language=”bash”]nload -t 200 -s 7 -i 1024 -o 128 -U h eth0 [/sourcecode]

if you want to know more detail the use nload typing on terminal “man nload” there you’ll see the command options via the command line nload

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