GNS3 0.7.4: Cisco Network Simulation on ubuntu 11.04

GNS3 is a sophisticated network simulation applications,This application was developed using the QT Framework engine. GNS3 is suitable for the Network Administrator and network engineers because GNS3 allows simulation of complex networks, but not limited to precisely Cisco.

GNS3 network simulator for ubuntu

GNS3 uses Dynamips for emulating Cisco‘s IOS and is quite similar with Cisco’s IOS on Unix ie IOU (IOU) a fully working version of IOS That runs as a UNIX user mode

GNS3 (Graphical Network Simulator) was developed using the QT Framework engine. Applications do not just support for linux ubuntu,
but the development team has also provided GNS3 GNS3 for Windows and Macintosh platforms (MacOS)

Now how installing GNS3 on Ubuntu 11.04, it is very easy and simple. open your terminal and then type the following commands

[sourcecode language=”bash”]sudo apt-get install gns3 dynamips[/sourcecode]

To run GNS3, you need a Dynamips binary file | Download HERE

Configuration GNS3 on ubuntu

Done with the install GNS3 and download dynamips binari file now lets move on to the configuration part.

  • Go to Edit > IOS Images and Hypervisor and add the IOS image you’ve got.
  • Save the settings and move back to the topology map.
  • Add the device by just dragging and dropping

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