eyeOS: Open Source Operating System Web Based With The Concept Cloud Computing

eye os cloud computingeyeOS is an open source desktop operating systems based on web, where you can install and access the operating system via the localhost, network such as LAN or the Internet from a web browser like Firefox, Chrome or other browsers that you are interested.

Most people would be wonder about the performance of eyeOS. When running an application in eyeOS, speed of execution of an application is a bit slow compared to desktop operating systems that run through storage media, this is common because eyeOS browser-based interface. Nevertheless there is some compromise, that goes far beyond proof eyeOS concept demonstration, this is something that can be used for serious work. Broadly speaking eyeOS is a great breakthrough in the world of desktop operating systems, because it gives a unique color by presenting the concept of cloud computing.

EyeOS is currently available for the newest version is eyeOS 2.5, with features that arecomplete, with many applications that are ready to be downloaded and installedaccording to your needs, please download application, themes, and others in eyeOS Application

Download eyeOS 2.5 | Download

To install eyeOS, you first need to set up Apache web server environment, PHP and Web Server modules apache is needed for optimal running eyeOS

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