Flightgear: open source flight simulation game

You’ve heard of simulation games such as Bus Simulator, Flight simulator, Train Simulator or any other simulator games
most of this simulation game is and is a paid software ..
however, there is a flight simulation game that Free and Open Source that is FlightGear.

Flightgear: Open Source Flight simulator game

Although entry to the category Free Open Source Software, the game is no less good as the competitors in the genre of Flight Simulator is Microsoft Flight Simulator.
This game also can be modified starting from the scenery, aircraft, until the texture is in the game.

Flightgear available for Linux platforms, Mac OS, and Windows.

How to install flightgear 1.9.1 on ubuntu

Flightgear game actually already available on ubuntu, so it is easy to install
From Menu Applications -> Ubuntu Software Center

then type in the Search box “Flightgear” and click install (requires Internet connection). Wait for the installation is complete then you can start a game this Flightgear in Applications -> Games -> Flightgear.

How to install flightgear 2.0 on ubuntu

Login as root on terminal:

[sourcecode language=”bash”]sudo -i
mkdir ~/fgfs
cd ~/fgfs
wget http://www.gitorious.org/fg/fgmeta/blobs/raw/master/download_and_compile.sh
chmod 755 download_and_compile.sh
sh download_and_compile.sh[/sourcecode]

To run your new git installation of Flightgear you have to launch the run_fgfs.sh command under the same folder, for example:

[sourcecode language=”bash”]cd ~/fgfs
sh run_fgfs.sh[/sourcecode]

For complete installation guide flightgear here

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