Reasons Not To Upgrade To the Latest Ubuntu Operating System

Ubuntu 10.10 was released not too long ago. Find out some good reasons why you might consider skipping this upgrade and using what you already have.

Ubuntu 10.10 is the newest version of this popular Linux distribution. Ubuntu has been the dominating version of Linux for a number of years now and they are constantly coming out with an upgrade every 6 months that you have the option of using. You don’t have to upgrade to the newest version if you don’t want to. While Ubuntu is a great distribution compared to what there is out there, you might consider holding back on the upgrade right now.

First of all, 10.04 is the long term release of Ubuntu. This means that it will get support and updates for a total of three years. Ubuntu 10.10 will have this type of support for 18 months. If you already have 10.04, you currently have a whole extra year of support already. The long term releases are also the most stable versions as well as they never use any experimental add-ons or plugins.

There are not that many differences really offered in this version of Ubuntu. There is a new font that the system uses called Ubuntu. This is a new look that is used instead of Sans. It does look a bit nicer but you can also install that font yourself on any version of this operating system. The hardware changes in terms of the kernel used are not significant.

It will take you some time to upgrade to this latest version of Ubuntu. If everything is already working the way you want it to, you might skip the hassle of doing your own upgrade. It will just take time that isn’t really needed and if your upgrade goes wrong, you will spend even more time fixing it.

This version of Gnome does not come with Gnome shell. This was something that many people hoped for in this version of Ubuntu. The problem is that Gnome was set back quite a bit delaying its release. Maybe the next version will have it, but the current one does not. Wait until 11.04 until thinking about an upgrade if you are happy with your current version. If your current version is stable then there is no reason to upgrade unless you have a piece of software that you need to install which may require the latest version.

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