Xubuntu 14.10 Utopic Unicorn : Fast and Responsive

Xubuntu 14.10 Utopic Unicorn is an official ubuntu flavor based on Ubuntu 14.10 that uses the XFCE Desktop environment, has been released by Xubuntu team and is now ready for download.

Xubuntu 14.10 - About XFCE

Xubuntu is an elegant Linux distribution based on Ubuntu, which uses the lightweight Xfce desktop environment to work, instead of the Unity desktop. Xubuntu is designed for computers with low computing resource, always guaranteeing the best performance.

In this release xubuntu team have prepared a surprise for xubuntu users, in the form of a small visual change. They have changed the highlight colors and a few other aspects of the operating system to pink, these highlights can be changed to another color with “Theme Configuration” utility. It can found in Menu – Settings – Theme Configuration

Xubuntu 14.10 - Theme Configuration

Xubuntu 14.10 has a new default wallpaper with a splash of pink to the Xfce mouse and wallpaper of ubuntu previous version also included. Items in the newly themed ALT + ATB dialog can now be clicked with the mouse.

Xubuntu 14.10 - Backgrounds

Xubuntu 14.10 Default Wallpaper

ALT -Tab

ALT -Tab

With catfish 1.2 you can search file and folder easily, previewing files has been greatly simplified. Easily switch between details and preview mode. When the search index becomes outdated, Catfish will also notify you to update. Login interface LightDM GTK+ Greeter have been updated to version 1.9. by default it using theme Greybird.

Catfish File Search

Catfish File Search

Xubuntu 14.10 - Login

Login Screen – LightDM GTK+ Greeter

A new and shiny Xfce Power Manager plugin has been added to the main panel, the default number of workspaces is now 1, the Settings category is now showing up in Whisker menu.

Xubuntu 14.10 includes some updates regarding the XFCE desktop environment such as : Catfish 1.2.1, Xfwm4 4.11.2, appfinder-xfce4 4.11.0, xfce4-notifyd 0.2.4-3, xfce4-settings 4.11.3, xfce4 power-manager 1.3.2, xfce4-whiskermenu-plugin 1.4.0, xfdesktop4 4.11.7, xfce4-panel 4.11.1 , lightdm-gtk-greeter 1.9, Light-locker-settings 1.4.0,  Menulibre2.0.5e, Mugshot 0.2.4.

Shipped with kernel 3.16, Xubuntu 14.10 also include Thunar as file manager, firefox 33, thunderbird email client, Abiword, parole media player 0.7, GIMP, gmusicbrowser, ubuntu software center etc.

For more detail about this release you can read on the Xubuntu 14.10 utopic unicorn release notes

Here’s video overview of Ubuntu 14.10 Utopic Unicorn, this video created by linuxscoop, the original video can found here:

Like another Ubuntu 14.10 flavours (Ubuntu GNOME 14.10, Kubuntu 14.10, Lubuntu 14.10, Ubuntu Kylin 14.10, Ubuntu Studio 14.10, Edubuntu 14.10) Xubuntu 14.10 Utopic Unicorn branch will be supported for just nine months.

Download Xubuntu 14.10 Utopic Unicorn

Xubuntu 14.10 is shipped as hybrid Live DVD ISO images and support for multiple hardware platforms, including 64-bit, 32-bit and also available in multiple languages. You can download it from link below:

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